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We don't create sites or software, we create experiences! Experiences your users won't forget.

And given how important experiences are, and how quickly they spread - thanks to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, etc. - you should definitely be thinking along those lines. WE COMMAND IT! We come in peace!

It's amazing what you can achieve when you create a good user experience. Your users will talk about it, share it, and before long, you'll be ready for some stylish new headwear like ours.

Mobile This is where your world is heading. Earthly mobiles get more and more powerful by the day. Very few feature laser demolition capabilities, as yet, but the business potential is nonetheless undeniable. So get your business on one of the major mobile platforms, before your market passes you by. WE COMMAN We come in peace! Contact us to request our portfolio and check out some of the amazing experiences our large, attractive brains have created.

Animation If you have been to our home page, you know that animation can make your eyes focus on something and get a message across! Some humans believe Flash is dying. Silly primates. They are wrong. Although you can't possibly know this, Flash was a gift to Earth from our great and benevolent Emporer Exfu. It is the key to the evolution of your species. Plus it does cool stuff its primitive earthly counterparts (HTML5 and SVG) cannot. Of course, we could program HTML5 and SVG with 6 arms tied behind our back, so if that's what you want, it's not a problem. We can provide our portfolio upon request.

Development Having mastered the technologies required for inter-stellar travel, even the most complex coding is like kindergarten maths to us. No matter what language you need. We have experience in most of the major languages out there: Cocoa (iPhone,iPad,iPod,Mac OS), C#, C++, VB.NET, Classic ASP, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AS3, Awove, Alhupa, Irupho… We're exceptionally good at what we do and we'll deliver what you need. We can provide our portfolio upon request.

Slicing Because of our contacts in Brazil, we can slice a HTML out of business hours. The time difference works to our benefit and we can deliver the work that you shouldn't have your developers doing. In fact, if you have the capital required, we can power up the Time Dominator and deliver your sliced files yesterday, or at any previous date. The investment is considerable, though. You'll need millions.

Hosting As part of our services we usually host our clients' websites or web-services. Our servers are located in the Fujitsu datacenter in Melbourne.